Virtual tour of the art of the Psychic Temple


The Psychic Temple is an excellent creative space, but it also turns out to be a great place to showcase art. QR codes have been placed on the placards by each piece, but you can take a virtual tour right here. Enjoy, and come by the Psychic Temple to see them in person some day.

Concrete Hanging Vessels by wrk-shp

First Floor
Numbers by Aaron De La Cruz

by Brandon Shigeta
Library of the Psychic Temple by James Jean

Second Floor
Madame Butterfly by Chang Li-Ren
Outlook Tainan by Chen Po-I
Ginger by David Choe
Back Off by Benjie Escobar
Get The Good Shit by Benjie Escobar
Egg Chair at Night by Danny Heller
Micro World by Huang Chien-Hua
Convolvere by Jack Long
They Sailed Away by Jack Long
Evolution Revelation No. 18 by Lu Ming-Te
This Isn’t About You and Me by Kiyoshi Nakazawa
コマーシャル1号 by Masakatsu Sashie
Congregation by Rob Sato
Architecture for Dogs by Hiroshi Yoda

Third Floor
Conceptual by HOTTEA
Raphae by Daniel Lee
Ruth and Alonzo AP by Daniel Lee
ZzzIII (轉頭) by Lin Jane-Raung

Song of the Morning Flower by LIULI
Library of the Psychic Temple
by James Jean and Brandon Shigeta

Counting Sheep by Jeffrey Ma
Maps I by Alfred Russell

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