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Melissa Balmer, Women on Bikes California, Pedal Love

Photo: Lisa Beth Anderson
Jan 3, 2014

Anyone who reads this blog knows that Melissa Balmer is one of our favorite subjects. Since the Long Beach-based bicycle advocate has so much news to share in the New Year–from the statewide expansion of her group Women on Bikes’ turf to a new campaign with a logo courtesy of the Pyschic Temple’s future tenant, […]

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Meet Melissa Balmer, Long Beach Bicycling Advocate

Sep 7, 2012

In addition to being the Editor/Initiative Director of Women on Bikes SoCal, team member of the “Share Our Streets” bike safety marketing campaign for Bike Long Beach, special media consultant for the California Bicycle Coalition , and communications specialist for the Long Beach-based non profit Bikeable Communities, Melissa Balmer is a key member of the […]

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