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Psychic Temple Update (May 27, 2014)

May 27, 2014

Brand new windows, sconces, and surfacing–the exterior of the Psychic Temple is looking handsome. I love how JRVD cleaned up the look and reinforced the structural integrity while making use of existing elements. Just a few missing pieces–including keystones in front (by the main entrance) and openings in back (maybe fire exits?).

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Richard Lewis, Project Manager of the Psychic Temple

Jul 2, 2012

Richard Lewis is the Controller/Project Manager of JRVD, which is handling the redevelopment of the Psychic Temple. I visited Richard shortly after the project, which was put on hold for over a year due to California’s budgetary crisis, began to pick up steam once more. PT: You’re revisiting the Psychic Temple for the first time […]

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Jan Robert van Dijs: Steward of the Psychic Temple

Jun 21, 2012

Jan Robert van Dijs at the Arts Building on 3rd St. (August 2011) Jan Robert van Dijs is the namesake of JR van Dijs, Inc. Drawing from his experience and expertise in constructing large-scale, high-end projects in New York, Paris, London, Italy, and Asia, he and his crew are committed to changing the way people perceive […]

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