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New Additions

Jan 16, 2013

Slowly and surely, additions are being made to the building formerly known as the Psychic Temple and American Hotel. Above, a modern and secure doorway facing the side alleyway. Above, new windowsills above the new door. Below, new windowsills on the building’s rear. Below, fresh graffiti. Not so great. Around the corner, an announcement that […]

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Buildings We Like – Pt. 1

Aug 1, 2012

Bertran Smith Acres of Books, 240 South Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach isn’t known for its architecture, but perhaps it should be. With waves of development following the 1933 earthquake and the completion of the 710 freeway, there are plenty of eye-pleasing examples of Art Deco (Bertrand Smith Acres of Books, above) and Modernist (International […]

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